How does sleeping on my stomach affect my scalene muscles?
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Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, or anyone else who might know: How does sleeping on my stomach with my neck turned to one said affect my scalene muscles?

I know it is not a good position to sleep in for a variety of reasons, I would just like to know how or if they negatively affect the scalene muscles of the neck, particularly the anterior and middle scalenes.

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It will overstretch the scalenes on the side with the cheek on the pillow and shorten/ tense up the scalenes on the side that touches the sky. It will interfere with your ability to inhale fully and may impinge your brachial plexus. You could give yourself torticollis (unlikely) or mildly displace your cervical vertabrae (also unlikely). You might wind up with a sore neck (likely).
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Cant's ask for a better answer than that.. thanks!
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