How do I avoid the munchies?
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What strains of cannabis are least likely to cause the munchies?

What strains of cannabis do not cause the munchies? Other tips for avoiding the munchies when stoned would be most appreciated. It doesn't work for me to just eat celery sticks and such -- I have to not eat at all, otherwise it spirals. I'm a legal MMJ patient with access to just about everything grown.
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I don't have any strain recommendations, is a good resource for finding strains that suit your needs.

I do have avoiding-the-munchies tips. My kitchen was often empty in the mornings before instituting a strict regimen:

1. Eat before you partake. Sounds like a no brainer, but seriously - a full stomach will do you much better than an empty one. Obviously it depends on your schedule/home-life, but can you smoke right after dinner/meals?
2. Child safety locks on the cupboards and fridge. Not so much because we're too stoned to operate them, but because its that reminder for 5 seconds while you try to open it that "hey, I'm not supposed to eat!"
3. Smoke less if possible, or don't smoke over a long period of time. I find that a few hits isn't likely to cause destroy-the-kitchen munchies; but a joint or stick to myself, or several bowls over the evening are another story entirely.
4. Drink lots of water. Full stomach.
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i noticed that if/when i get the munchies, it is almost always on the down trend of the 'high'. and so far it seems to happen regardless of what I've smoked. and i don't have the intense need to eat when the high is peaking. so that's just me, and everyone tends to be different.
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Someone who works at reputable dispensary should be able to tell you about the medical and side effects of each strain that they sell. The key is in finding that reputable MMJ place, not just some stoners out to make some money.
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Chew some gum. Really.
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