Help me find a children's book, frog and dragon image.
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Help me find a children's book. All I remember is the cover image, there's a frog standing up on two legs, holding a sword or a spear, beside a dragons tail that has been cut into sections. I remember the sections showing the bone, cut sort of like a sliced loaf of bread.

I can't remember any part of the story, I'm mainly interested in finding the image again and the illustrator. I remember loving the cover image and that it was realistic and detailed (through the eyes of a child).

It would have been printed over 2.5 decades ago (gah), and could have been from Australia, Britain, or the Americas.
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Was this a YA novel, or a picture book for little kids, or something else?
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Response by poster: Picture book, I am 90% sure.
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Was it Pondlarker by Fred Gwynne? (Yes, that one.) I just saw it today at a library book sale.
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Response by poster: No, it's not Pondlarker, but that is definitely a frog standing upright with a sword.

If I ever figure out what my book is I'm going to have to start a collection of frogs standing on two legs holding weaponry in children's books.
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