Hatless cultures
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Are there any ethnic groups that don't wear hats?
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I work with people from all over Europe, plus Americans, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and middle eastern people and I can't recall seeing any of them in a hat, other than if its sunny.
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Do you mean, ethnic groups whose members never wear hats?
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Response by poster: Sorry, yeah, I meant cultures where people generally never wear hats -- where they are unknown or rare aberrations.

The US (baseball caps, etc), China (conical hats), Indian (Gandhi caps/topis), many parts of the Middle East (keffiyehs) would not qualify.
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Traditional dress among Australian aborigine groups has the least elaborate headgear/head adornment that I can think of. In many areas, pre-European headwear, if any, consisted of fairly simple plant fibre headbands, which were eventually replaced by (often red) simple cotton fabric headbands in the 20th century. I've found a few examples of ceremonial wear that might more properly be considered a hat, but it may be significant that these examples come from an area where pre-European contact with traders from Indonesia had a significant impact on aboriginal culture.
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"China (conical hats)"

China is a huge country with a diversity of cultures and ethnic groups beyond what most people imagine, who wear an equally diverse set of hats. Just sayin'.
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It's probably rare, because the sun shines on all the world.

And there's also all the other weather elements.
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Seconding what msittig said, except about India. Also those caps you're referring to were in fashion maybe 60 years ago.
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