Emerging Cuban artists in exile
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Can you help me with Cuban musicians and/or artists who are still suffering from being banned/censored in Cuba? I've read that Celia Cruz and many others are no longer banned in Cuba. Are there still artists (either musicians or visual artists) that the country can't abide?

I'm researching Cuban exiles and particularly interested in musicians and visual artists. I'm just getting started and not clear whether the censorship that was routine even ten years ago is still the norm within Cuba for those who live elsewhere but call Cuba home. Are there artists or musicians who live outside of Cuba who still struggle to be heard/seen in their country of origin, particularly emerging artists? I apologize if this is really a dumb question. My interest is sincere. Thanks much for your help.
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I guess this may sound like it's coming out of left field: Did you know that Ry Cooder made extensive contacts with Cuban musicians for his "Buena Vista Social Club" production?


I know it seems like a longshot, but maybe you can contact him, or others who were involved in this project. They were able to bring some of these talented musicians to America for a concert.
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Thanks mule98J. I loved that project, but wondered if there's anything more recent I should know about.
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