$130 to audition?
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Is NAfME, the National Association of Music Education, legit or worth it?

My High School son has been encouraged to audition for a statewide honor band. It is organized by NAfME the National Association of Music Education. In order to send in the audition they are asking for $130.00 (US) membership fee. Is this legit? Or worth it?
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As a high schooler in NY, I "went to NYSSMA", which was the phrase every student used to really say "I participated in the NYSSMA music festival". Those who thought they stood a chance "went to NYSSMA all state". There was no membership fees, but to participate, I think it cost something like $10 at the time, $30 for all state (though the more difficult barrier than was to find an pianist to accompany you). This was a decade ago, so adjust for inflation. I found it fun and would completely do it for my kids (you know, if I had any).
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Oh, never mind. It was a misunderstanding, the application is only $15. Thanks Brian for your comment and encouragement.
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Yeah- the membership fee what they make teachers pay to allow their students the chance to audition, which is a whole 'nother discussion. All-State music festivals are a great experience for kids, though- which is why I and pretty much any other music teacher sucks it up and pays- and it's worth taking the time and energy to prepare a good audition and send it in. Good luck to your kid!
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Music Education PhD student and former band director here.

Yeah, they're legit. NAfME is one of the big organizations for music education in the country. Each state does their honor band stuff a little differently, but it's definitely worth the chance to audition if he's into it.
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I went to All State (choral) a couple of times and they were fantastic experiences - one of the few high school experiences I'd happily do again.
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My ex-girlfriend used to work for them (she wrote and edited MEJ and TM), virtually every dollar they brought in went back out to programs, they were really run on a shoe string.
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