Where can I find respectful discussion and articles about Warhammer 40k?
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Where can I go on the internet to find good articles and discussions about Warhammer 40k? (read on for qualifications of "good")

I'm getting back into Warhammer 40k after a bit of a hiatus. I would love to be able to read articles and discussions about the game, the background, the hobby aspects of it, etc. This is proving quite a challenge.

The number one characteristic I want to find in such a community is that the people there treat each other like decent human beings. I know that the game is largely male-dominated, and largely teen-dominated, but it feels like there has got to be someplace out there where, for the lack of a better word, the "adults" congregate.

The second characteristic I'm looking for is that the community be at least somewhat active. A discussion board that gets 2 comments a day is probably not that useful.

Beyond that, I'm open to pretty much anything. Warhammer 40k content is required, other wargames are welcome. Strategy, modeling, painting, whatever -- it's all fun.
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I have been known to read the warseer.com 40k Background forum, I think it meets your requirements.
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SomethingAwful has a good thread about W40K. The thread is on its sixth iteration, and contains some great stuff. SA also has very... let's say... efficient mods, and shitheads don't last long. The thread has garnered ~11K posts since the release of 6th edition W40K a couple months ago, and that doesn't include associated threads like the miniature painting/sculpting thread.
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There's been a good thread or two on the blue, but nothing much recent. There's a busy community on Reddit, usual Reddit warnings apply.
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I've enjoyed the Dakka Dakka forums. But I only like the painting aspect so stick to that area, I am not sure how the rest of the forum is. I have learned a lot there though and people seem to like helping each other. I am a 42 year old woman and have yet to be overly annoyed by peoples behaviour to each other there and I am very easily annoyed so it might be right up your alley. It's a pretty busy forum too.
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The /tg/ board on 4chan is occasionally referred to as /w40k/. 40k threads are rampant. It probably won't meet a general requirement of "adult", but if you want an obsessive, responsive, and often incredibly entertaining 40k culture, /tg/ will serve well.

(When I just loaded the /tg/ front page, 4 out of 12 threads were 40k threads. So, yeah.)
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