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I'd like to read more about Mexico's narco-war (both the inner workings of the cartels and violence against civilians/journalists/law enforcement). Both articles and books are welcome--nonfiction and journalism preferred, but academic texts OK. English preferred, but Spanish is OK too.
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The New Yorker had a recent heartbreaking article: The Kingpins: The fight for Guadalajara.
by William Finnegan July 2, 2012
. I could barely finish it.
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Alma Guillermoprieto's writings in the New York Review of Books are amazing. Unfortunately, many of them are behind a pay wall, but here's a recent example that is available to all.
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Down by the river.
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God's Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre is personal account of traveling through that section of Mexico. It's interesting because it gives a perspective of the impact of frequent drug cartel violence - how little human life is valued. It's not specifically about narcotráfico, but drug traffickers feature prominently
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Murder City, by Charles Bowden (also the author of Down by the River, mentioned above).
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Sylvia Longmire, a former USAF officer, tracks the developments in Mexico, on her blog Mexico's Drug War.
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This blog (warning: there are some VERY graphic images) was mentioned in a recent thread on the blue titled Mormons vs. Mexican Drug Gangs.
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A couple of things from the London Review of Books: Jonathan Littell reporting from Ciudad Juárez, and a review (this one partly behind a paywall, I'm afraid) by Ben Ehrenreich of a book by Malcolm Beith. There are some entries you may want to look at on their blog, too.
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El Narco by Ioan Grillo.
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While I can't help you directly with your question, you may be interested in how Mexico became a narco nation at all. How America Lost the War on Drugs

Why Mexico is not a failed state and may "benefit" from the drugs.

And, while set in Florida and Miami, I can strongly recommend the documentaries "Cocaine Cowboys" I and II.
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Read frontera-list, which is curated by Molly Molloy, who edited El Sicario with Charles Bowden.
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