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Can this shirt be found again?

Women's western shirt, red and white flannel, but on the back is a black decal (kind of trashy hot) that says: "Queen of Hearts."

I used to have this shirt, and it was a hand-me-down. In a closet purge, I got rid of it, to my everlasting regret.

Help me find this shirt again!
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These type of shirts were rather popular around 2004-2005, so you can probably find it again (or at least a reasonable replacement.) Your best bet would be a thrift shop in a part of town where fashionable people drop off their clothes.
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Best answer: Set up a search on ebay with all the key search terms "western" "flannel" "queen of hearts" and set it to search descriptions and you will get an email anytime someone lists anything like it. Worth a try.
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Best answer: You may find it easier to find a shirt of the type you want (maybe this or this?), have someone design you a similar "Queen of Hearts" logo that you like, and get it screenprinted on the shirt... or screenprint it yourself with fabric paint and freezer paper.
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