Help me find an events website!
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Please help me find a website I used last week that shows you public Facebook events for your city, broken down by date, and - rather uniquely for such websites - lists the confirmed attendees by their self-selected Facebook gender! When you clicked on an event, it would pull up a map, and a list of the attendees, and then give you the option to click through to the Facebook event page. It was such a great resource and it's killing me to not be able to find it anymore!
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Response by poster: Quick follow-up: The site I'm looking for is a lot like, except that instead of showing a list of bars, clubs, etc. it shows a list of events like "John & Eric's Free Public BBQ".
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Have you looked in your browser history? If it's only been a week, it should still be in there.
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Response by poster: Sadly I cleared out the history, cache, temp files yesterday. And I wasn't logged into Google when I searched and found it the first time so that resource isn't available to me either.
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Best answer: Found it! The site was down earlier and is still giving me some trouble, but it's
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