New kinds of stories on the Internet?
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I've been enjoying the Emmy-winning High Rise online documentary project and things like the Hackney Hear geo-locative app - looking for recommendations of other cool experiments in the realm of storytelling. Film, online, audio - whatever! Just NEW and DIFFERENT. Level Two request: recommendations of websites or blogs that discuss or review these sorts of projects - I just want to keep up with this sort of thing! Thanks all!
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My friend Miranda is doing a couple of cool projects: the One Language Project, which is about the shared emotional language of humans and other animals (such as elephants, honeybees, horses, and dogs); and Park Dreams, which is a project where she interviews people in parks about their dreams for themselves and society.
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Vincent Morrisset's Bla-Bla, also by the NFB, is wonderful.
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There's a podcast called Liverpool Stories that does something like this. There was also the BBC series Video Nation, in which members of the public made a 10 minute film about an aspect of their life or a topic which interested them.
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