Engineering blogs: Best-of?
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What are the best blogs written by unusually successful engineers?

I really enjoy the blogs Rands in Repose, Paul Graham and Joel on Software. I'd like to find similar blogs by engineers, ideally by mechanical engineers. Any industry (including academia) and job title is OK as long as the writer is good at what they do and is doing some kind of engineering.
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It's electrical engineering, but Bunnie's Blog is always fascinating and nerdly. Andrew (bunnie) Huang is the guy behind, among other things, the Chumbly.
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Brad Wardell (aka Draginol)

Wardell is the founder and CEO of Stardock.
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i really enjoy coding horror, by jeff atwood. he helped create stack exchange, et al with joel spolsky.

also the old new thing has lots of interesting stories about the windows team having to debug other people's code.
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You might also like the Daily WTF.
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These may not be what you're looking for as they are contributions from different people (not one blogger), but I enjoy "Tales from the Cube" on EDN -mostly electrical engineering, almost always fun, and "Made by Monkeys" at DesignNews.
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Oh. I just noticed your "unusually successful engineers" requirement. The two I suggested are fun, but probably not the blogs you're looking for.
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You might be intersted in Dr Drang. He does failure analysis.
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Steve Blank.
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Rocket Shop
Copenhagen Subortials blog

In the pipeline
Medical/chemical blog, you have to read his things I wont work with series: Things I wont work with
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers! Things I won't work with is especially interesting and hilarious.
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