Medical Science Diluted and Shaken
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What is this bizarro machine used by a quack, fake doctor to determine dietary deficiencies?

My mother has breast cancer and will likely die in the next month or so, which is horrible. I am doing my best to be with her and support her in her final days. My father, however, is acting like his old, odd self.

He has a history in believing in bullshit; things like the healing power of magnets or in the certain financial windfall from the many pyramid marketing schemes he has participated in. He managed to drag my mother to a fake-doctor in order to convincer her that she can be cured of cancer by drinking papaya leaf tea.

While at this fake-doctor, whom I believe is either a nutritionist or naturopath, she used a machine to determine which nutrients and foods she was deficient in for optimal health. The machine looked like a computer mouse and there was no tissue sample analyzed.

What nonsense machine was this? Thank you.
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Best answer: Sounds like "electrodermal screening", which uses the electrical resistance of skin to "diagnose" various deficiencies. It may have been a ZYTO hand cradle, which looks a bit like a computer mouse.
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Response by poster: Thanks, ATBH. From the description I heard that sounds like it.
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Another possibility could be Asyra.

Google it, you'll find some links to Youtube videos... and also tons of complaints about medical quackery, criminal investigations against "clinicians" who use it, etc.
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My dad was into all that crap. These machines are basically dowsing rod analogs and respond to subtle cues (often hand pressure) from the operator, who generally uses them to self-justify whatever "intuitive" notion happens to pop up in the moment.
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