Fish tacos: Intersection of quality and ocean proximity in San Diego
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Best fish tacos closest to the ocean in San Diego?

We want fish tacos tonight. We're staying in San Diego near Balboa Park (I think we're in University Heights) and have a car but would prefer not to travel too far south or north and want to enjoy the tacos within sight of the ocean. Where should we go?
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South Beach Bar and Grill, in Ocean Beach, has what many people regard as the best fish tacos in San Diego, within view of the ocean (with tasty local beers on tap too). I can think of better places to get fish tacos, but I can't think if any where you can eat them at the restaurant in view of the ocean.

That said, you might consider takeout from Oscar's Mexican Seafood, in Pacific Beach, and then driving/walking 2-3 blocks to the ocean and eating them there. Oscar's is, in my view, the best.
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Doesn't have to be a restaurant. We're fine eating them on a street corner or at the beach itself or on picnic tables. Oscar's sounds like it'd work.
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Oscar's is very close to the Tourmaline beach. Alternatively, there's a hidden but awesome overlook around the corner on Sea Ridge drive-- from my version of Google maps it looks like it is close to 341 Sea Ridge Dr.

If for any reason Oscar's is closed, Taco Surf, a few blocks down the street, is also very good.
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Seconding South Beach Bar and Grill. Great tacos, brews, and views. If, willbaude, you know of better fish tacos in the city--well, inquiring minds want to know. I know of none better here (but I'm not what you'd call well-traveled).
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Per the above, my view is that the tacos at Oscar's Mexican Seafood are better. South Beach B&G is still very good, and where I have taken many visitors. My wife slightly prefers Taco Surf, although I slightly prefer South Beach.
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I've always liked a small place called Mitch's Seafood, which is right on the docks. Parking sucks there though.
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Notes about South Beach: it's good and close to the water, but unless they've remodeled, you're likely not going to have a view of the water from the restaurant since the bar is on the west side of the building, and there's a parking lot between the west wall and the beach. Also, the fish tacos there are good, but they're not the prototypical fried fish taco that Rubio's made popular - tacos there are grilled and you get your choice of fish. Finally, there isn't a host or seating order, so you'll just have to stake out your own table and hope it's not ridiculously busy.

I haven't had fish tacos at these places, but they're more right on the water: Anthony's Fishette, The Fish Market.
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I have been to South Beach multiple times in the past year, and am virtually certain you can see the water from the bar on the second floor. Also, they do serve fried fish tacos--frequently for steep discounts during happy hour.
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Seconding Mitch's.
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and am virtually certain you can see the water from the bar on the second floor.

If they have a second floor, my info is woefully out of date.
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The Ocean Beach Pier Cafe is a phenomenal experience--and the fish tacos are great. The cafe itself is on the pier, about 300 yards off shore, in the middle of the ocean. It's absolutely worth a visit, especially for the view.
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Oscar's was delicious! We ended up going to the beach first since sunset was approaching and I think we were at that Sea Ridge overlook. It was a beautiful day and we got some tide pooling in in the fringes of the beach. Thanks!!
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