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Organizing my life through checklists - recommendations?

I love checklists. I use my tasks in Outlook obsessively and have all sorts of checklists to make sure I don't forget anything. Are you like me? What checklists do you recommend? I'm looking for checklists that explain things I don't really have an idea to do but should like but not limited to..

-Auto maintenance
-Personal finance maintenance
-Computer maintenance

I have a wonderful house cleaning checklist, budget checklist, pay bills checklist, Social Media posting checklist (for professional reasons).. but I still feel like there are things in my life that I'm not properly organized with because I don't have a checklist for so if you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Feel free to send fun checklists to, checklists that make you happy, checklists that keep you sane..etc.
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I do a packing checklist when I travel.

Shopping checklist, organized by store.

All of the processes in my job are documented (and I use those documents as checklists)

Yeah. Just a bit obsessive.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention.. ideas for checklists are great.. and if you have or know of any great checklists online please post the links. Thanks again!
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It's not a pre-populated checklist, but have you looked at the software To Do List by Abstract Spoon? Tres awesome getting things done management tool.
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I have always liked the Universal Packing List where you fill in some basic information about the trip you are taking and then it gives you a list. I used the information in it to make my own packing list for trips that I keep on my website.

I have a big whiteboard in my office and I have a thing on it called the Albatross List, the things that, for whatever reason, are dragging me down and never ever getting done. This year I decided to make a concerted effort to chip away at that list and it's not going that badly.
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Hi, I'm epanalepsis and I am a checklist addict. Among my many checklists are:

Shopping checklist, pre-filled with items we always buy (just check pantry and cross out if not needed). Flip side has menu planning worksheet to be filled out prior to shopping checklist. This system works brilliantly to ensure that a) I don't forget what to buy for various meals, and b) we don't spend on things that aren't going to be used for a specific meal or which we already have in the pantry.

Applicable only to certain climates: seasonal clothes checklist so I know what is in storage in off-seasons.

Not quite a checklist, but procedures for potential situations such as Missing Wallet (also contains photocopies of cards), Stolen Bicycle (phone numbers of police and bike shops), and other potentially stressful events where I might appreciate knowing what to do.

And I organize many of these with a tickler file.
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Best answer: I love ListPro! Users can upload lists to share, and those have been some of my favorites. I like List Organizer a lot, too, and I have most of those lists.

I have:
- measurements list for shopping,
- "stuff to look for" list for flea markets and yard sales (measurements are very handy here),
- list of spring/summer and fall/winter clothes (my need for creative storage means I forget what I have and where it is),
- packing list/before leaving
- job interview prep list
- cleaning list
- mind clutter list (really an entire Excel workbook for this)
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Checklists save lives!
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Grocery list organized by grocery store geography. That is, items listed in the order you would encounter them. Mashup with a map of the store.
I've often thought stores should offer this, but then I remember their aim isn't to get you in and out quickly.
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A bit OT, but have you read The Checklist Manifesto?
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