Online communication tool for small team
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What is a good online communication tool for a small group?

We are a team of 5 who all work in the same city but at different locations. We currently use MSN Messenger but need something else that will allow us to read the conversations that occurred when we were offline. We also need searching ability of the chat log. We would like to be able to include images/files in our chats but that is not a requirement. It needs to be free.
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Additionally, it would be very helpful if we could access this tool by iPad.
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Google+ Hangouts
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We use yammer but it is more like a Facebook wall than chatting.
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Hariya: I just looked into Yammer but found that the group can't be private if we have a free account.
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Google+ / Google Hangouts?
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campfire by 37signals is just what you're looking for.

(Whoops, good thing there's an edit window now. I missed that it has to be free. Sorry.)
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I have been using Facebook groups (not Fan pages) to carry on agenda-setting with groups. It's not public, you can upload files, invite people. the major bonus: everyone is there and there is nothing to install. YMMV
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We decided on Campfire as our solution, and it's working perfectly so far. As a team, we are going to shell out the $12/month rather than settle for a free not-as-good solution.
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