App to Familiarize Myself With a Word List?
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I have a list of several hundred words that I know and like, but often forget to use in conversation or in writing (I compiled it by jotting down words I find myself fishing around for). I'd like to better familiarize myself with them, so that they're more in the "front of my mind" for regular use. Can anyone suggest an appropriate iOs app or Web app I can access on my iPhone?

I already know the definitions of all the words; so this is not a "learning" task. Nor do I need to "memorize" anything, per se. I just want the words progressively brought to my attention in the most efficient possible manner. Obviously, sequence should be randomized.

I'm sure there won't be an app tailor-made for my specific scenario, but
I'm hoping something out there will work. Simple flash cards would be ok, but I'm hoping for something more efficient. I don't THINK this is a situation for a supermemo type app, but, then again, I'm not expert.
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Response by poster: I should mention that the reason I'm figuring this isn't a supermemo situation is because there's no question/answer format that can be devised. I'm familiarizing, not memorizing.
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Anki will let you build a flashcard deck, if that's the route you want to go.
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Yeah, why not just use a flash-card app, and put a different word on each "side" of the flash cards? There's nothing saying you have to put the definition on the other side...
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Response by poster: Re: Anki, If I "break" the interface like that, I assume I'd lose the effectiveness of the algorithm. That being the case, I may as well just use a dumb freeware flashcard app.

And perhaps I will. But I'm hoping for something a step up from a dumb flashcard app that would suit my scenario. Not sure one exists. Let's see if anyone has a suggestion!
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A few possibilities. I think in all these apps you can create your own vocabulary list.
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I use wordnik for this. They have a pretty slick mobile interface (not a native app). If you create a profile, you can save a list of words. Here's my list of words.
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Best answer: I'd use a flashcard app, and just tailor the "answers" to your situation.

In foreign-language learning, there's often not just (question) (type correct answer) for vocabulary drills, but also (question) (click yes/no) for things like conversation drills. For example "how are you today?", and you click "yes" to certify that you understood the question and formulated one of the many appropiate responses, or "no" if you want to be asked again soon.
So you could drill "turgid" and click "yes" if you can use it in a coherent and interesting sentance, "no" if you want to leave it in the stack to be reminded soon. The only input you give setting up the app is your list of words, there are no "answers".

I don't know which of the flashcard apps mentioned would suit that best, though.
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Response by poster: Any input on which app would lend itself to being set up per aimedwander's suggestion?
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Best answer: brainscape
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The best and easiest flashcard app for this use is Quizlet.
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Best answer: You might also have a look at Word Alarm. Video here.
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