I am much too uncool
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Where are all the cool plaid shirts from? I have been wanting to dress more business casual, and I can't seem to find the kind of plaid shirts I see on people.

I looked around for a long time, gotten a few from GAP and a few from Banana Republic. Mostly online and all of the large with a slim fit. Some are hits and some are misses. Some are weird some a cool.

What are my options? I want more casual less business. I don't want to have it too Canadian (I am in MTL) or hipster either. I also don't want to go so far as to be described as wearing a western theme either!

Here is an example of what I think is pretty cool though somewhat maybe too western.
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Oh, and I am a man.
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Bonobos has shirts of the model you're looking for.

Brooks Brothers' sport shirts sounds similar as well.

I guess the question is what is the problem with the ones you find at the GAP and Banana Republic?
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LL Bean (wrinkle-proof sometimes too) and Eddie Bauer often have good ones, mixed in with their more staid options.
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John Varvatos, 7 for all Mankind, Jack Spade and Thomas Pink. Vintage Red (which is in most US Department stores, dunno about Canada, I could not find a brand website to check) is a little cheaper.
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Man-fancying lady here. I like the plaid shirts at Mexx, a European company with shops in Canada. Stylish, not hipster, more chic than western. I also quite like (UK company, but available in Canada) Ben Sherman plaid shirts. The Brits call them "checked" or "tartan", if that helps in your search elsewhere in the interwebz. I salute you, plaid-aspiring gent!
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Now, I know that this is not men's styleblog orthodoxy, but I like J Crew's men's shirts. The fabrics tend to be soft and comfortable and I like their patterns. Sure it's no J Press or fancy Italian maker, but there you go.
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May I suggest Land's End Canvas.
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Through a twist of fate (aka a friend was designing for them) I ended up with a bunch of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply shirts. Click "tops". They are awesome. They are, however, not exactly cheap.
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Deluth trading company sells a whole bunch. I just found out about their clothes after being disappointed with dickies.
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Target was wall to wall plaid shirts a couple of weeks ago. The turnover in styles is pretty high this time of year but you should walk in and see what they've got left.
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I really like some of the Woolrich shirts I've gotten (very nice quality), and I think they have a lot that would fit your bill.
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Too western? Pendleton is the brand for you. (Warning -- not cheap.)
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Seconding Land's End. Cheap and durable, and they're periodically on super-duper-sale. Tons of plaids to choose from. Word of warning though; even their 'Tailored Fit' shirts are built like a tent with arms. Pick a size with the right sleeve and collar dimensions and then have it fitted by a tailor.
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The brands crush-onastick mentions are all pretty pimp, but some of them will give you a bit of sticker shock if you're coming from Gap. I've had success with the SS plaids from the surf / skate labels recently (Quicksilver, Hurley, etc.). In the US these are found typically at the big-name sporting goods outlets (Sports Chalet, etc.), often on the discount rack in the back. You get some nice accents worked into the shirts too - stitching lines, logo placement, buttons, etc..
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I like some of the LL Bean Signature plaid shirts
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Lands End and Ralph Lauren and LL Bean are NOT cool. Sorry. I shop there and some of the stuff is ok, but it's not going to make you look like you have your fashion shit together unless you already know how to dress well. You will continue to have hits and misses like you do now. They will not get you where you need to be.

For insta-cool plaid shirts, the only real option is Steven Alan.
They have little details like inverted seams on the collar that true shirt connoisseurs appreciate, and their fit is excellent.

Ever since I got my bf his first Steven Alan shirt, he now will not buy any other brand, so beware bc it is an expensive addiction, but they are awesome.
They hold up well too, even if you machine wash them instead of dry clean (not recommended, but hey, one step at a time here).
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seconding ben sherman...i like their slim fit shirts, which often have a BIT of stretch to them, the cuts are really good and their quality is always top notch...
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H&M. Quality generally not amazing, but YMMV.
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Cool, this is a good list to start with! I think I am at a disadvantage for many of these since I'm in Canada. But I might sometime be in the states or do some PO box chicanery.

Though I though Hollister might be in here. I am used to getting 100$ for sale at 40$ since I'm patient. Looks like if I want to get serious I should be putting out ~150$.
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Gant, especially their lines Gant Rugger and Gant by Michael Bastian.
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Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21. Also occasionally Polo.
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