Undergraduate essay examples
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Looking for examples of basic undergraduate essays

Hi. I'm kind of new to essay writing at undergraduate level, have been looking for good examples. I have loads of info about essay structure, how to interpret questions, etc, but I'd love to read some actual short humanities/social science undergraduate essays.

I have looked at MIT Open Courseware but that's a bit too advanced for me right now!

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have. : )
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When I was doing my undergrad and MA our lecturers gave us sample essays to show us what a top mark looked like in any course - they were usually from previous year's classes, so were genuine papers, just with different topics. Can you ask your lecturer if they do this?
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No essays available. None on library website either.
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If you Google for 'site:edu "writing center"' and various phrases like model essay or sample essay, there are a number of university writing centers that put this kind of thing on the web.

Here are some actual student essays from Yale University and Franklin & Marshall College.

I know you've checked the library and other sources, but I still have hope that your school has a separate writing center, like many others do, where you can get some personalized help.
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Thank you so much. I love you.
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