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How can I find out who owns property in Chicago, IL?

I live next to a 3 flat that is falling apart. I'd like to find the owner, so I can either ask he/she to clean it up, or sell it to me.

What free online resource exists, that I can punch-in the street address- and get the name or info of the owner?
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Try this.
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If it's changed hands in the last few years this may be of use.
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You can search the tax records at the Cook County Treasurer's Office online. You will need the parcel number, which you can get from the Cook County Assessor's Web site, and they will automatically e-mail you a password to access information on tax records.

I'm a homeowner in Chicago, and I get tons of letters from law firms who have clearly trawled the treasurer's Web site looking for properties that have tax refunds pending. Thus I assume accessing this info when you're not the property owner is aboveboard.
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