I need a reliable download host that I can 'hotlink' for my band's website to download a zip folder of mp3's
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I need a reliable download host that I can 'hotlink' for my band's website to download a zip folder of mp3's

As part of a promo campaign for my band's new songs we are building a one page website that will feature:

Artwork as the background
Two new songs streaming on Soundcloud embedded in the page
Download link for the two songs

I'd like it so when people click "Download" it downloads both songs straight away without taking the user elsewhere (such as Mediafire) to download the songs. Initially I was going to upgrade our Soundcloud account to premium and right click the 'download' buttons on the tracks and copy and paste the link location so the song starts downloading straight away, however it looks like you are unable to download more than one track at a time on soundcloud (I looked if you could download 'sets' and couldn't see anything either), so we would need to have two links for the two songs which wouldn't be the best.

So i'm looking for a website similar to Mediafire where I can right click, copy link location and have that as the download link on my website so when people click the link the tracks (I guess in a .zip or .rar) folder will just start downloading without taking the user elsewhere. I presume this is something that Rapidshare/Mediafire etc like people doing, so if that is the case what other inexpensive options do I have?
I have thought about using Bandcamp or LimitedRun or a similar website however I would like to have the simple, basic and clean website for the two songs.

Sorry for the essay!
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If your bandwidth will be under 10gb/day, maybe a public dropbox folder?
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I want to keep people on the website, not sure if Dropbox let you do what I want, and also I think the files will probably be about 20mb so we may well go over 10gb, wouldn't want to risk people not being able to download them.
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You can do this with Amazon S3 for like, cents.
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Is this my solution? $10 a year one, it says hotlinking files is available, is that what I need?
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NearlyFreeSpeech.net is where I put my stuff. Cheap, quick, reliable: pick three.
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