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TMobileUSA is merging with MetroPCS. Does this mean I can take my ATT iPhone4 or ATT iPhone4S to TMobile / MetroPCS now?

While I'm not fond of the idea of losing my month to month unlimited data grandfathered plan with ATT, I don't lurve them enough to stay. I've got a choice between moving to a used iPhone4 or iPhone4S on my old GrandFathered plan (on a 3G) ....

The only reason I never went with Metro is that they didn't have the ability to use iPhones and didn't TMobile because they didn't have the coverage or rates really and I didn't want to bother ...
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so, just reading your article. They're not merging tomorrow. They're talking about it, that's all. Nothing has been signed, sealed, or delivered yet.

Wait and see how this pans out. The AT&T + TMobile merger fell through.. and that article even suggests that Sprint might swoop in and try to buy MetroPCS out from under TMobile.

When (if?) the merger goes through, it'll still be awhile before all the plans and rates get sorted out. If you wouldn't go with tmobile or metropcs today, then don't make a decision today. Decide next year.
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It's been approved by both boards, I provided a bad link.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh I hate the growing phases of the market while everyone squabbles in back rooms on how to min/max customers (min svc, max profits).
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The new T-Mobile CEO has a video where he talks all about the deal and the structure of the new company. Also check TMOnews and the comments there for answers.

My favorite part of the video is about a minute in, where he just throws in EBITDA like everybody knows what that means.
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MetroPCS is a CDMA provider. That rules out the AT&T iPhone 4, which doesn't work with CDMA providers. The iPhone 4S does support CDMA, but apparently MetroPCS doesn't use the same frequencies as Sprint and Verizon, the same reason why the iPhone doesn't have 3G service on T-Mobile. So right now? There's no way. Ah, but what about the extra spectrum that T-Mobile got as a consolation prize after the failed merger with AT&T? It's in the same band that the current iPhones can't use. The only hope is the new merged company finally getting the attention of Apple and having an iPhone made that can use their frequencies.
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The new T-Mobile CEO

Why do I get the feeling this guy is trying to sell me a lot in Rio Rancho?

However, based on the video I'd second the above that the MetroPCS spectrum gained by Tmob won't change anything in terms of options for iPhone owners any time soon.
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No, not any time soon. But according to this, they're migrating away from CDMA anyway (as is Verizon, it should be noted),2817,2410514,00.asp
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Tmobile is farming their 1900 spectrum to be iphone friendly. If you live in an area like NYC you would be able to get unlocked 3g service with an unlocked iphone. You would have to call tmobile though to see if that 1900 band is set for hspa in your area. ITs a slow process. Not everywhere is done yet.
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