Renting bedding in New England
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Is it possible to rent sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows for about 150 people? Has anyone done this before, and if so, can you point me toward a good service in New England?

I'm hosting a big event at a summer camp, and I'm stuck on the question of how to provide bedding for everyone. I know (or think) that there are companies that rent bed linens; is there a way to also rent pillows and blankets?

If renting isn't possible, I'd also be happy to buy pillows and blankets in bulk (and then donate them to a homeless shelter or some such) if it can be done relatively cheaply (say $30/pp for everything?) and efficiently.

(For the purposes of this question, let's say that I can't ask everyone to bring their own.)
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Ask some hotels about the linen services they use.
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I only know from working in restaurants and catering halls. Try to see if they are someone similar is in your area.
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Most hotels buy their linens and then wash them in-house.

Here's a Linen Service locator.

Here's a hotel supplier.

Here's a site of a liquidator, they may be able to sell you used sheets, etc.

Here's another liquidator who says they have linens.

What about towels? Is it reasonable to ask each guest to bring his or her own sheets/towels?

Where does the camp usually get their linens from?
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I found the following items for retail prices at IKEA:

pillow: $8
bath towel: $4
fitted sheet: $4
flat sheet: $4
pillowcase: $5
blanket: $13

Total $38. A little over your desired price but perhaps it's helpful for comparison purposes.
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Best answer: E&R Laundry provides linen rental and laundry services for prep schools (they did my laundry for 5 years), colleges, and camps in New England.
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(When I was in school that included towels, sheets, and blankets. I don't remember if pillows were an option.)
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Response by poster: I just emailed E&R Laundry and they sent me a quote -- thanks, Jahaza, and thanks to everyone else, too!
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You might also want to try Sam's Club or some other inexpensive bulk goods retailer if E&R doesn't work out
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