Please recommend me some hair removal cream for the private area of a man.
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Please recommend me some hair removal cream for the private area of a man.

I'm not posting this as anonymous because a) I don't know how and b) I probably lack the dignity required to do so.

That being said, could someone recommend me some cream/stuff that will remove the hair from my genital area please as I'm getting tired of doing it with a razor, getting those annoying red spots/areas where I've shaved and only being able to remove 20% of the total of that area down there.

I don't know if it affects the answers, but I have rather dry/sensitive skin.
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I think you'd be better off avoiding using a chemical depilatory on your junk. That's pretty sensitive skin, ya know? If you're just looking to keep the fur inside the Speedo, try a depilatory marketed for the 'bikini line'.

ALWAYS do a test patch. For the area you're focused on I might go ahead and do a dime sized spot on the scrotum as your test rather than the traditional inner arm - if you're determined to experiment.
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Veet is pretty much the go-to genital depilatory cream among the people I know who use a cream to remove their pubic hair.
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Have you considered waxing? Yes, you have dry and/or sensitive skin, but if you find a good place they will know how to make it okay.

I imagine that might be crazy personal for you to consider, but there are tons of guys who get it done, let alone the tons of low-maintenance ladeez (like myself) who might have once thought waxing completely insane. The waxers are professional and discreet, and they don't care at all what your junk looks like. (They won't even look at it; they'll put a towel on it and just fold back what they need to get at in one particular moment.)
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Nair for Men may be able to do what you need. Apply, wait 8-10 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth. I've used it on armpits and genitals, and been very satisfied with the results.
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Another unlucky soul asked this previously. The consensus seemed to be: stay away from the creams (like Nair) because they're too strong to use on your junk. Magic Powder was offered as a gentler option. I never did try it myself though.
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I'm only recommending the Soft Sheen Carson Magic Powder because that's the one I would try first.
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TMI: My husband did this. He got a chemical burn on his balls. Just go to a waxist. Find one that does male strippers or something. Trust me, you'll be happier.
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I will never use anything other than hair-clippers with a small guard down there. Doesn't snag or irritate the skin, no horrible chemical reactions, very easy to maintain.
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Based on the comments on Veet for men using it around/on the male genital area is NOT ADVISED.
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Hair clippers with a guard.
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Razoring is fine - the secret is moisturizing.

Chronic moisturizing is the key. Creme by Nivea has totally bioremediated my legs. I get the big-assed tins of them when they're on sale. (Exfoliation is the answer, but for me, I needed to remediate chronic dryness first).

It's an amazing difference; instead of growing into and under skin, causing the red bumps, even cut and torn hairs grow out. You'll get sandpaper-ey sooner, but much much less irritating red bumps (and they're subsequent dark spot scars).
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If you do use chemicals, be serious about the ventilation. The fumes can be very irritating.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of you suggestions. I do appreciate the razor comments, but the question was to suggest some hair removal creams.

I looked into the creams suggested and only found comments relating to genitalls that had been burnt to a crisp.

I found one called Veet: In Shower Hair Removal Cream (Shea Butter & Lilly Fragrance with moisturiser complex), which works perfectly, with no burns whilst using or post using the product.
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