Are there any good zombie strategy games?
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Are there any good zombie strategy games?

Me and a friend were talking about zombie video games, and how almost all of them are just shooting and lots of blood. I did recently play The Last Stand, Dead Zone, and I enjoyed the basic premise and play of the game. What I didn't enjoy was the fact that you needed to wait long amounts of time between missions, and that some things took hours to happen in the background, so you couldn't just play continuously. Also, I didn't like the multiplayer aspect, where other people could raid your compound at any point, so that if you came back to play it again a few weeks later, your stuff might be all gone.

So, I'm wondering if there are any zombie games out there that have a similar play style (some action, but not focusing on the shooting and blood, strategy and rpg elements), which are single player, and don't require lots of waiting for stuff to happen.
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What you want is Atom Zombie Smasher, a real-time strategy/tower-defense game based around rescuing civilians from zombie-infested cities through careful deployment of snipers, ground troops, explosives and evac helicopters.
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Rebuild might suit you. It's available as a flash game plus there's a mobile version (which I've played the most). There's not much action, it feels more like a pen-and-paper strategy game where you recruit/train survivors and reclaim/fortify city blocks.
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Seconding Atom Zombie Smasher. Very fun and delightfully well-executed. It's available on Steam.
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Organ Trail! It sounds like a cheap cash-in of the worst sort, but there's actually some deep and challenging gameplay.

Also seconding Atom Zombie Smasher.
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Plants vs Zombies
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I'll have to check out Atom Zombie Smasher. I've played the rebuild games, and while I thought they were decent, it seemed to be kind of a one trick pony, where you just did the same thing over and over again. I enjoyed it for a few hours, but wouldn't go back to it.
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From your question it is clear you are looking for computer games. But Last Night on Earth is a fun zombie-themed strategy board game that is definitely worth playing if you have never done so.
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It's not really strategy but I've played project Zomboid and enjoyed it... kinda. It's single player and with the expection of some NPCs you're all alone in town trying to survive, loot, building your fortress, etc. Lots on emphasis on RPG and sandbox crafting a la Minecraft and minding your player stats (you got to drink, eat, take painkillers, read magazines so that you don't get depressed, etc). Neat idea but I got tired of it fairly quickly because the game play is lacking.

Project Zomboid is a bit buggy and the development is a bit patchy at the moment but it only costs €6.
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OK, played Atom Zombie Smasher, it was fun for a couple of hours but then proceeded to be just doing the same thing over and over. I definitely enjoyed it for an evening, but won't likely play it much anymore.

I really wish someone had an RPG/strategy zombie game which was similar to the Last Stand games, but without the multiplayer and without having to wait an hour between missions. That would take up hours of my time, and many dollars from my wallet.
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assuming apocalyptic is the key, you may like the Fallout games. They have heavy RPG elements.
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Fallout 3 was way too much RPG for me, I gave up on it after about 5-6 hours. I'm not looking for something first person, but rather a game where you manage a group of people.
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