NYC student discounts for older part-time students?
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What are the best student discounts in New York City for non-traditional students?

I'm a half-time graduate student in New York City and over 30 (just turned 31). This rules out some student discounts (e.g. the Museum of Modern Art student rate is limited to full-time students, BAM student tickets are available to part time students, but only under age 25). What are some great student discounts in NYC that I can get?

I'm generally interested in museums, cultural events, classical music, books, art, poetry, etc... but I do like offbeat stuff like the Earth Room, though that happens to be free.

While I live in NYC, my school isn't here, so I don't have an established infrastructure to ask. I do have a valid student ID. Though my ID doesn't say that I'm part-time, I'm not interested in "cheating".
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Would it be cheating to ask the manager for an exception?
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most of the student IDs don't list a birth date so there's no way to know you're not under 25 or not full time. If you don't want to feel like you're "cheating", read their student policies. It usually says $x with student ID, not $x for students under a age x (which could be discriminatory depending on how it's phrased). I personally dread the day my student ID expires.

If you like theater - check Roundabout's HIPTIX or Lincoln Center's LincTix programs as you fit the age range. THey don't require you to be a student. Also c heck student rush guidelines - some are and aren't age dependent.

Keep an eye out on TONY's and other weekly free listings, also programming at the Public Library, Public Art Fund, National Museum of the American Indian and others are always free, no matter your student standing.
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When I was a graduate student in NYC (over 25 the whole time), I had a student discount with the New York Times and I believe for Timeout also. Whenever I went to museums, I bought tickets at the 'student' rate (the Guggenheim, the Met, MoMa,etc.) I honestly never thought about asking them whether it was age-restricted or F/Tv.P/T and the cashiers didn't ask me to qualify myself either.

Hopefully, I'm not encouraging you to cheat by my lack of knowledge.
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