Catwoman comics for a 4 year old.
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My 4 year old daughter is going as Catwoman for Halloween. Can you suggest comics with Catwoman in them which would be appropriate to read with her?

She loves the version of Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series (from The Cat and the Claw up to Almost Got 'Im) and I am looking for suggestions for comics to read with her that have a similar version of Catwoman (not a villain or a hero but a bit of both) and which would be appropriate for a four year old to have read to her. Thanks in advance for your help.
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The most obvious answer is the Batman Adventures tie-ins to the animated series. They're out of print, naturally, but the compilations can be found for $10 or less online and feature a few Catwoman stories.
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DC Nation for kids is where all the news is about their lines of younger kid-friendly comics and storybooks. Right now, it doesn't look like one for Catwoman is upcoming, but you might poke around a bit more. Their younger-audience comics and storybooks are good, though, sometimes guest written by the DC stable authors. We've been really impressed, too, with what our children's librarians came up with for our kid, so ask them or your library's resident comic/graphic novel expert. The 60s-80s 'powerpack' compilations from older comic stories are often pretty younger-audience friendly, and our 5 year old consumes them like M&Ms.

Did you know that Aardman Studios (Wallace and Gromit folks) did a short with DC heros (including Catwoman) voiced by British children? She might get a laugh out of that :) (how awesome is she in her costume? Have a good Halloween!)
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The seventies issues of Batman were toned down a bit, due to the popularity of the live-action series; most of the storylines deal with Catwoman meaning to do well as a crimefighter, only to give in to the temptation of committing one last heist. For a four year old, I'd also suggest finding some Viewmaster slides on eBay, which would have kid-safe versions of the characters, along with bits of text on the disks which can be read aloud much like a storybook.
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I'm trying to remember if she turns up in Tiny Titans at all... Those are great for that age range. I'd definatly check out the Batman: Brave and the Bold comic that accompanied the recent cartoon series.
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Other than the recommendations above (I don't think Catwoman was in Tiny Titans -- if she was, it was just briefly), here's what I've managed to find.

There was a Gotham Girls miniseries from about 2003 that was based in the animated universe, but it was never collected as far as I can tell & the individual issues are surprisingly pricey.

I know Scholastic did some Batman books that were related to the newer animated series (The Batman rather than Batman: The Animated Series) -- some featuring Catwoman -- but those all seem to be out of print too. Still, your library may have them.

Unfortunately, there's really not too much out there, especially for a girl her age. I do think the superhero market serves children poorly in general, but girls in particular. Good luck.
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