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Your favorite recording artist / group is performing at XXX, an intimate, awesome, Bay Area venue. Where is XXX?

Bonus points for
1. venues with R&B and hip hop acts
2. telling me how far in advance these places sell out.
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Mabuhay Gardens.

Okay. I'm old.

Here's a link to some hip hop clubs. I'm guessing Oakland as the place most likely. True Skool should have the information you want.
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I'm uncaffeinated so not sure I'm exactly understanding the question but ... are you familiar with The New Parish?
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Have you heard of the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma?
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I think the New Parish is what you are looking for, as hapax_legomenon suggests. Though it's possible I'm not really understanding what you're asking.
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Gilman in Berkeley is a bit more punk and rock than hip-hop, but it's small and intimate and awesome.
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