Does anyone have experience of Core Process psychotherapy?
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Does anyone have experience of Core Process psychotherapy?

I've been looking for a therapist in my area (Cambridge, UK), and it's confusing, expensive & scary. I've found someone who uses Core Process, and he's significantly cheaper than most of the other therapists, mainly (it seems) because he's in the last year of further studies (though he's qualified to practice). His office is also close to my work, which is a definite plus.

Some cursory research on Core Process has thrown up the fact that it's mindfulness/Buddhist-based. Which, mostly, sits fine with me. I know that mindfulness works for a lot of people, and I studied Buddhism briefly (in an academic sense) and am interested in its central ideas. There's a little cynical part of me that thinks this might be closer to hippie alternative medicine bullshit than I'm comfortable with, but this cynicism isn't strong enough to be a dealbreaker.

The main problem is that my Googling hasn't thrown up any medical or scientific studies on the efficacy of Core Process. The only resources I've found are either from the main place in the UK that trains people to become Core Process therapists, or from individual practitioners advertising their services.

Also, I'm seeking therapy in the hope of getting a better handle on some long-standing issues (history of pretty bad depression & anxiety, whole bunch of family problems, some eating/food stuff). I know that no one seeks therapy lightly, but I want to do some serious work on things which I've been struggling with for a long time, and I want to know before I commit that this is going to be rigorous (and likely to help).

I don't know if I should go with this guy because he's cheap, or suck it up, pay more money and get a different/better-know/more well-tested type of therapy. I know that I really don't want CBT or any kind of traditional analysis, but outside of those limits I don't know what I want or what would be best for me. I also have a history of flaking out on therapy because it's hard and I'm scared and the whole situation makes me really anxious, but I'm hoping that this time (with the added incentive of paying for it myself, rather than taking whatever I can get from my former University/socialised medicine) I'll be able to stick with it and make some real progress.

Tl;dr - I like the look of this one therapist & he's relatively cheap, but I can't find any science or resources on the type of therapy he offers; does anyone have experience of or anecdata around Core Process?
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Their wikipedia page doesn't say anything that would make me avoid them like the plague. I would try them and see.
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Is there a National Association of Therapists (or other such regulatory body) in the UK? Or maybe any kind of psychological support phone line whom you could call and ask for an opinion, or who could tell you where to start? If not, I would go and give it a try - take everything he says with a grain of salt, warm him you can be a bit flaky and ask him to take it slowly, and don't do any "weird stuff" without consulting a more traditional psychologist/therapist (for a second opinion) first.

Good luck and good on you for having the courage to tackle this stuff!
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