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I took several long videos (25 - 50 minutes each) with the camera on my new iPad, and now I would like to transfer them to my Macbook, so that I can convert them to .avi files and give them to a friend. Dropbox will not upload them ('upload pending' forever). Backing up the iPad results in many folders with random numbers, none of which look big enough to be the videos. What should I try next?
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When you connect your iPad to the Macbook, does it not transfer the video files into iPhoto or Aperture?

I love Dropbox, but trying to transfer massive video files that way (wireless sync) will take forever.

EDIT: There's also this --

iPad to Mac Transfer

But I can't personally vouch for it, and it isn't free.
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The problem is that you're taking a huge amount of raw data and trying to upload it to Dropbox's servers. I'm guessing you're being rate-limited or your bandwidth with Dropbox has been exceeded. You might be able to contact them to find out the details, but more to the point, you probably want to not do this with Dropbox as the middle-man. Get yourself a USB connector. You want to do that file transfer over a wire, as directly as possible.
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You can just use the Image Capture app (part of Mac OS X) and import them into whatever folder on your Mac you want. I think it's in the Applications:Utilities folder.
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You should be able to import in iMovie.
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What jroybal said. Run image capture and you can pull what you want.
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3rding Image Capture, in the Applications:Utilities folder.
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