Nice Food/Music Eaterie near Parker/Denver, CO for noob?
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Just moved to Parker 5 days ago for new job. My wife's birthday is Friday and we are celebrating that/new job. I am looking for a restaurant w/ live music (jazz perhaps) near Parker, CO & Denver. I don't know the area well but would like to surprise my wife with a nice place and accessible parking. $80-120 budget. (Gluten free menu a plus for me...). I will also settle for a nice restaurant w/o music if you would like add those as we hope to live here a lonnnnnnnng time. Thanks, everyone.
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You want to go to Dazzle.
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Another time, for a decidedly grittier scene, try the famous El Chapultepec in LoDo.
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seconding dazzle.
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Decent place I tried with some friends Watercourse foods. They won't have live music, but Filmore and Ogden are near and not too far from downtown Denver.
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thirding Dazzle. There are tons of other restaurants to check out. I'll list some that I like but also check out the other Denver threads in AskMe:

Senor Pepe's: Mexican, east Colfax

Ethiopian Restaurant: yes, that is what it is called, east Colfax
Queen of Sheba: also Ethiopian, east Colfax

Thai Street Food, only open Saturdays, awesome. In Aurora
Thai Pot Cafe, Colorado Boulevard near Florida

Enzo's: pizza, east colfax

Watercourse (mentioned above) and City o' City: vegetarian sister restaurants, uptown and capital hill respectively, they could certainly help with gluten-free dining

a number of Pho places on Havana, Aurora, I think. Up by I-70

Rioja: fancy Mediterranean, Larimer Square
The Market: coffee, pastries, sandwiches, kind of everything, counter-style, in Larimer Square. great place to sit with a newspaper.

(I love eating out in Denver- and giving suggestions. MeMail me if you have any specific food types/genres/things you are looking for. Also, and I know people hate it for some reason, but I've had good luck with Yelp) happy eating!

oh, and if you like jazz, you should listen to KUVO ...89 point something
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