Please help me find a good Toronto-area optometrist or ophthalmologist
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Can anyone recommend a good, central or west-end Toronto-area optometrist or ophthalmologist?
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Best answer: I've most recently been to Toronto Eye Care and was quite happy with the experience. I found out afterwards that several of my friends are also patients there and everyone only has good things to say.

I've only been to the Bloor/Bay location.
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Do you need an optometrist (measuring sight, etc) or an ophthalmologist (M.D. specializing in eye diseases, may need referral)?

For ophthalmology, I've gone to Dr. Marvin Cooper in north-west Toronto (Weston and Eglinton), but it's a long way to go to just have your eyes measured. There is a good optometrist at Royal York and Bloor, but that is also relatively far west (though on the subway line).
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I've been to see Dr. Simon & Dr. Fresca at Yonge and St. Clair. Optometry. I believe I actually saw Dr. Simon - she was super nice.
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I see Dr. Facchin at the University Eye Clinic. It's not a cheap clinic but it's a good one -- they're efficient and kind and have all the latest testing gear. Dr. Facchin also remembers my preferences and issues from visit to visit (I'm certain he has it written down somewhere, but it's a nice touch).
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For an optometrist recommendation, I had a really excellent experience with Dr Linda Skrapits. Her office is in Yorkville.
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I also go to Toronto Eye Care; my optometrist is Mira Acs (and has been for the past 20 years). She's great. I don't have any serious ocular issues, though, so I can't comment on how she or her colleagues deal with more complicated conditions.
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