RV rental recommendations in Las Vegas?
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RV rental recommendations in Las Vegas?

A buddy of mine and I are planning on renting an RV to cruise around the Utah/Arizona border.

We dont' have any experience with RV rental companies. We do know we want the following:
* 2 beds
* shower/bathroom

The small RV offerings at most site fit the bill.

I'm having a hard time finding solid reviews of rental companies. Basically, we've narrowed it down to Road Bear, El Monte and Cruise America.

I'm looking for recommendations or reviews of these or other companies servicing Las Vegas. Thanks for your input!
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Best answer: My wife and I used Sahara RV two or three years ago and had no complaints. As with every RV I've ever rented, it wasn't the newest model around, but it was perfectly fine. We went all around the parks in Utah and had a great trip. The only thing that stood out in my mind about the transaction was that they had the awning securely fastened to the RV so that you couldn't open it. When I asked about it, they said that they had too many problems with people damaging it. After I said that I knew what I was doing, they said that they would unhook it for a much larger deposit. When I agreed to the ridiculous deposit, they seemed a bit lost. Apparently no one ever says that they will pay the deposit. It took some time to find the parts and get the awning operational. Otherwise, I had no complaints. They charged the rate we agreed on and didn't try to upsell or anything (other than the awning deposit).

I've been told that you get treated worse by RV parks if you have a Cruise America RV because they are festooned with advertisements and the parks know that you won't return. I have no idea if this is actually true.
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Best answer: We used El Monte RV in Las Vegas last year and we were pretty happy with them. We were going to Burning Man but they still gave us a pretty new, nice RV (It was a 2011 model year). Generator use was included, which is nice if you're not staying at plug-in campsites. Our RV did not have a TV, but the one we rented from El Monte this year (in Salt Lake City) did, so if you think you're going to want a TV you might want to ask in advance. Drop-off was pretty painless too.

We rented a 23' Class C RV for two of us. It had a queen bed in the back and a bed over the cab, with shower/bathroom. It sounds like that would work for you as well.

They have a shuttle to/from the airport or hotel. We only used the shuttle to go back to the airport so I can't comment on how pickups work. I know their website has all this language about how you can't pick up the RV the same day your flight arrives.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses! They were very informative.
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