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Please help me find other songs like this one.

I really like the song Sugarloaf by the band Golden Fable. I'd like to find some similar songs for a mixtape. Thanks for your help.
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Have you tried Pandora or Spotify yet?
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Oddly enough, because it's older, you'll probably want to listen to some October Project. Start with the first album (they only made two though apparently they've reconvened and are doing one now), like Eyes of Mercy, Bury My Lovely, Always.
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I can't download Spotify right now, but pandora doesn't have it.

Thanks for your suggestions Miko.
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You want Stars, Stars
also maybe
Low Leaf, start with
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Definitely in the Stars/Metric/Feist/Broken Social Scene sweet spot.
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The Cranberries?
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Lavender Diamond:
Open Your Heart
Here Comes One
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Exitmusic - The Night
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Smog- I Feel Like the Mother of the World.
Ida- Arrowheads
Low- Like a Forest
Elbow- Station Approach
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Dazzle
Sigur Ros- Staralfur
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Maybe Hem?

Half Acre (a little besmirched by its use in a Liberty Mutual ad, but still amazing)
When I Was Drinking
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You might want to try SomaFM's Lush channel.
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You might like:

Dunes, Dream House.

Lush, Olympia.
Lush, Sweetness and Light.
Lush, Last Night.
Lush, De-luxe.
Actually, pretty much any Lush song. One of the great, unappreciated bands, like, ever.

The History of Apple Pie, Shelf Life.

Death in Vegas (feat. Dot Allison), Diving Horses.
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