Giant Albino Squirrel?!
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Mystery animal: fluffy white thing with squirrel-esque mannerisms: Go!

I am in New Paltz, NY. I saw an animal tonight. It was shaped like a giant squirrel (about the size of a small to medium cat), had a giant fluffy tail that was slightly larger than its body, its fur was either entirely white or almost entirely white, and it scampered sort of like a rabbit or a squirrel would. Hivemind, what the hell was this thing?
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an albino squirrel?
posted by changeling at 7:53 PM on September 30, 2012

albino skunk? Skunks don't really scamper, though.
posted by scruss at 7:57 PM on September 30, 2012

Is it possible for albino squirrels to be cat-sized? These albino squirrels look like it, but much smaller.
posted by cheerwine at 7:57 PM on September 30, 2012

Albino American mink?
posted by thirteenkiller at 7:59 PM on September 30, 2012

My small cat was about the same size as the big honking grey squirrels she would regularly eat in our backyard in Virginia. Not sure which sort of squirrel is most common in NY, but squirrels vary widely in size. Maybe it could have been a marten, though?
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more fur than a mink, more scamper than a skunk.
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Anything here look plausible?
posted by thirteenkiller at 8:04 PM on September 30, 2012

Albino Fisher. Thanks everyone!
posted by cheerwine at 8:36 PM on September 30, 2012

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