Video conference with several people at once
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Video conference with several people at once

I am looking for a solution that will allow us to hold a video conference with several people at once. (>20 and maybe more sometimes)

The trick is we want to see their faces all at once.

I am aware of:
Google Hangouts (doesn't seem to be an option with our IT dept. and it seems to limit you to 5 people)

Adobe Connect - We are using this tool now, but I do not like the interface and complexity of sharing documents etc.

What we need to do:
Connect and see a large group of people on their webcams (>20)
Share content
Allow other participants besides the host to control the meeting if needed


What other serv
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Cisco Webex
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I haven't done the investigation on this recently, but 2 years ago, it took pretty healthy bandwidth to do this. 20 video feeds is a lot. You should consider Tandberg or Polycom.
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