Help me make a forest in Manhattan.
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What are the best candles out there for making my home smell like a forest?

I just finished a Stonewall Kitchen Maine Woods candle, which I liked but am not quite ready to commit to for life. I'm curious what else is out there in the world of forest- or tree-scented candles. More New England smells would be great; I'm also curious as to whether there are any good candles out there that smell like Mediterranean trees/groves/woods (umbrella pine, olive, lemon, etc.). The more natural and less perfumey the better.

Price-wise, I'd like to stay under $25 a pop.
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I am fond of the Voluspa line: $16 for the 2-wick tinned candle (50 burn hours, coconut wax) at Nordstrom, but I get mine at a small local garden shop. There are a few fragrances in that line that sound like they might be what you're looking for (Golden Cypress, Vervaine Olive Leaf, Elysian Garden), though the descriptions are so overblown that it's fun to look at all of them. (Note: all but the first are links to Nordstrom because the Voluspa site itself is kind of annoying.)
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Yankee Candle's Christmas Wreath are lovely and pine-y. The one I linked to appears to be out of stock at the moment, and is a bit higher than your price range, but they do go on sale post-Christmas for about half that.
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There's a candle I adore for this smell at Target for $15. I'm not sure of the brand but it's called Christmas Wreath and it's one of the crackly wick types. Comes in a huge jar, lasts forever, and smells fantastic.
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Waxman Candles the handmade candles of Lawrence, KS and Chicago fame, have an extensive list of amazing fragrances. The link goes to their September/fall choices, and I can vouch for all of their woodsy fragrances as herby and woodsy and balsamy and non-perfumey. Their 'Autumn Leaves' is also nice. If you call and ask your question, they can also put together a shipment for you along your fragrance preferences, and they are veryvery good at this.

13 years ago, they 'did' the candles for my wedding--I told them I wanted the venue to smell romantic and soft without anyone being able to figure out that the candlelight was actually scented, and that I still wanted to be able to smell the June evening. They did the most perfect job--it was like a night garden smell that you could just barely catch on the breeze even though there were dozens and dozens of candles. It smelled green, with some kind of white flower. People still talk about it.

Also, they are CRAZY reasonable for 100% handmade. $12-15 for a dozen long-burning votives, and awesome prices on their super long burning tins, pillars, and jars. And I do really recommend taking a look at all of their fragrances on the site (which they build with essential oils) and then calling them to put together something for you. They're always really nice and passionate about what they do--I always call the Lawrence store directly. The quality has been the same for their stuff for the last 20 years I've purchased from them.
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Came in to say Voluspa! Their line is HUGE and many scents match your criteria. Go smell them. Different stores will carry different parts of their line, it is that huge.

This online retailer is based in my neighborhood and carries most of the line, in-store and in-stock.
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I like Thymes Frazier Fir over the others suggested--Yankee Candles are just too smelly for me.
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The best-smelling candle I've ever owned (oh, how I miss it!) runs about $35. It smells exactly like the forest floor.

Forest Floor
notes: wet dirt mingled with rain soaked ferns, damp wood, stems and green leaves.
mossy overtones and heady damp garden soil
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I live in Maine. In addition to pine, bayberry smells like the woods. LLBean sells balsam pillows that smell like the woods for longer than a candle.
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It wasn't a candle -- but I had incense made out of ground up balsam fir. Smelled just like a forest because it was made of forest!

This wasn't the brand I had -- but I did a search for "pine incense"

Here's something similar on amazon.
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Juniper Ridge stuff is really nice.
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A tad expensive but Sequioa by Comme De Garcons is amazingly like a fresh woody forest and is also very refined and unique scent, candle here, (perfume is also really good).
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Last year I found these Iowa Pine candles at Target and they were freaking amazing. I should have stocked up before they left the shelves after Christmas.
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This worked amazingly for the task some years ago. Their small candles are cheaper than the one I'm linking to.
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heyho, the Forest Floor link is borked - and I really want to see where it leads!
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Not a candle, but resin from trees like myrrh, pine etc. can be burned and smells lovely and forest-y.
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I have always liked the tree-y smell of Paddywax's White Spruce Cassis and their Juniper Citrus is ok too.

I recently came across this online but haven't tried it. It seems more like incense - wood chips to burn that smell like a campfire.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for the suggestions so far! I should maybe clarify that, while the smell of pure pine is amazing, I want to avoid making my apartment smell like Christmas all the time, so something that also has earthy or woody notes would be optimal.
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I don't know what conjurs "forest" for you, but I currently have a candle in the scent "campfire" that seems like a mix of pine, earth, and smoke, and I keep it at work to sniff when I need a woods fix. From a charity effort called Man Cans; they have a number of other great scents too (but more along the lines of "bacon" and "dirt" than traditional candle scents).
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