synch diaries in two samsungs
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I have a samsung galaxy s3 and he has a samsung galaxy note. What we want is sowhen one of us opens his or her diary, we see a combined diary showing his and my items in the same view. We don't need to edit each other's diaries necessarily, we just want to know when a shared workspace has been booked by the other so wedont double book it. How should we do this, s calendar doesnt seem to do it, is there a google calendar way of doing it perhaps?
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Best answer: First, each make a Google calendar. You can then choose to share your calendar with the other person. (Click on the drop-down menu for the calendar in the sidebar, select "Share this calendar" and fill out the form.) In the standard Calendar app on the Galaxy, go to Settings > Calendars. You should see a list of all the calendars you have access to (including the one that the other person has just shared with you). Make sure the appropriate tick-boxes are ticked. Now you should each be able to see the other person's calendar in the app as well as your own, colour coded.
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If your diary were in something like Google Docs, you could see when someone else is viewing it (in a web browser, anyway).
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Alternatively, create a google account (and the accompanying calendar that creates as part of the account) for the resource being shared. When you make an appointment on your calendar that requires that workspace, add its email address to the invitee list. It should automatically 'accept' the invite or at least add it as a calendar item.* Share this new account's calendar with both of your accounts as noted above.

This way you don't need to see / share everything from your partner's schedule, just the appointments with relevance to the shared resource.

* I know this works for some permutations of domains and accounts (because I use a similar set-up almost daily), but it may depend on whether you're using Google Apps, whether you're both using one domain name or several, etc.
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