Triangle Textual Tattoos?
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Recommendations for a tattoo artist in Durham, NC? Bonus points: super-skilled with fine detailed lettering

I've recently moved to Durham and am itching to get my next tattoo done, but don't know any of the artists here, nor do I know anyone who has experience with the shops/artists in the area. My cursory Google search was pretty un-helpful (every Durham shop listed on Yelp has 5 star reviews, which is not especially useful), so I'm looking for recommendations from tat-happy Durham-ites, former Durham-ites, and Triangle residents with experience (good or bad) with artists and shops in the area. I'm possibly able to travel out of Durham (maybe as far as Charlotte?) if its really worth it, but I don't have a car so if I can find someone awesome here in town that would be the best. The tattoo I will be getting is a line of handwritten text from a 17th C scribal manuscript which I would like to have replicated, so the artist needs to be willing/able to work with very finely detailed text (i.e. not just choosing a font and making a stencil). I will of course be visiting shops to talk with artists about my design before I make a decision, but am looking for some ideas about who to absolutely look into, and who to absolutely avoid.
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Everyone I know and love goes to Glenn at Glenn's Tattoo in Carrboro. And mostly everyone I know and love has gotten tasteful well-done tattoos from him.
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I have also heard a lot of good things about Glenn's, but can personally say that Zeus at Dogstar is awesome--he did a comic book tattoo for me recently and it is amazing.
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