Help me find more artwork of this nature
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Where can I find more art like this?

A few years ago, I asked this question, which led to the purchase of a lithograph print that we absolutely love. We want more art like this! The Pheromone Gallery for some reason or another is not offering reproductions at this time, just originals, and I can't drop US$ 2500 on a mounting of damsel flies. I have confirmed this with the gallery itself. I am on a waiting list should quality reproductions ever become available again. In the meantime, who else is making art like this? And by "this", I mean art depicting nature: interesting insects, cephalopods, mushrooms, etc. I prefer photography but I suppose other mediums will do. Throw your suggestions at me!
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Not exactly the same, but I do like 19th-century botanical and natural history engravings, which can be had pretty inexpensively on ebay.
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You might want to look for prints from the book Kunstformen der Natur.
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I'm not sure if that gallery is selling mounted insects, or prints of mounted insects. But if the real thing isn't completely out, I'm sure I've seen mounted specimens on ebay... yeah, here's one. More Victoriana than Modern, though.
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I've had really good luck picking up different pieces from 20x200. They have different art work each week, with 200 pieces of 8x10 work selling for twenty dollars each. They have bigger pieces for more money, though.

Because of the nature of the site, the offerings vary, but here's what I found when limiting to 'nature' and 'photography'. Maybe something there would work?
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Not sure of print availability in every case but maybe check out:
- Guido Mocafico (esp. "Medusa")
- Romina Bacci (see "Miles of Light" for prints)
- Alexander Semenov
- Giles Revell
- Kathy Klein
- Peter Lippmann
- Mark Laita
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I was going to suggest the butterfly alphabet poster, but there are lots of other nice pictures on the website too. Thanks for the question or I would never have seen them.
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I think you might find Stephen Butler's work interesting (caveat: I used to share a studio with him a few years ago). Have a look at the Arcane Specimens sets in particular - I think he may still have some of that work for sale.
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Hey, according to the fall West Elm catalog I just got today, Pheromone's doing a co-branded thing with West Elm. You can get some of their stuff for like $200 now.
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Here you go
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