Getting a legend in Google Map printouts
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When I print out a custom map from Google Maps, it has little blue markers on the places of interest. Then at the bottom, it lists what all the blue markers are. But there's no numbering to say which marker goes with which description(????). As well the description is a single line without addresses. Is there a way to fix this?
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In Google Maps, go to My Places, select your map and then select edit. From there you can change the markers and the descriptions for the legend.
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Yes, you can click edit on your custom map and edit the names & descriptions for each of your markers, adding addresses as you can.

But this will not change the fact that the map picture will just be markers with no identification, and it's unclear which description goes with each marker. You could use a different icon for each marker, but that's only marginally more helpful.
I have no idea why they made it like this, because it's pretty stupid.
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Use this tool.
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