Toronto lesbian social groups?
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Toronto lesbian community/friends filter: Where in Toronto can I find and join some sort of lesbian social groups? Where are the non-alcoholic local hang outs? I am single (so, the couples-only ones are out) and in my late 20's. I'm really just looking for friends.

I tried okcupid, but all the meetings turn into dates quickly, and before I know it a woman is professing love when I haven't even decided we can be great friends. I have some gay friends, both men and women, in real life, but I want to meet more.
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The 519 ( is the sort of first go-to queer community place in Toronto. There's drop in support groups for different peoples, and some recreation activities like sports and hobbies, plus the Fabernak restaurant is pretty yummy.

The site is a Toronto based queer woman's social network that is more friendy and less datey than other sites, and also is pretty up to date on fun events that happen around the city.
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