Scanning negatives
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I have a Canon CanoScan 9950F and I'm attempting to use it to scan 126-format negatives.

Technically, this film fits into the scanner's 35mm film guide, but
since 35mm film has a top border and 126-format film does not, this
causes me to lose the top of my photos. Sometimes this loss is
unimportant, but more often than not, I end up missing peoples' heads
or the tops of Christmas trees, etcetera. I really need a way
(preferrably some kind of easily-loadable caddy) to scan these so that
I get the entire photograph.
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Maybe someone else here is familiar with the film adapter mechanism used in this model, but I'm not. My first thoughts would be to make a custom film holder from illustration board (quality cardboard), or to use a larger film holder, and rig it to hold the smaller film. Of course a cardboard adapter won't work if he film adapter needs to have ridged edges to fit the innards of the scanner or whatnot...
Dollars to donuts you're not going to find a caddy for 126.
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The easiest way to handle 110 or 126 with a dedicated 35mm scanner is to use either Gepe or Wess Plastic Mounts (glassless) that are 2x2 for 35mm projectors, and have a window size in the mount for 126 or 110 film frame sizes.
although looking at your canoscan link, i can't tell quite what kind of negative holder it uses. Does this get you any closer?
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I've scanned 126 negs (and other weird sizes) with my CanoScan 8000F by laying the negs on the glass platen and not using the holder at all. I de-select the "Display Thumbnails" option, and use the marquee tool to select the frames individually, or else in a strip for dividing and cropping later. It pays to get them aligned pretty straight up-and-down. A piece of firm card can be used as a right-angle guide, and you can use little post-it tags to keep the strips in place.
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