Name that tune: church video edition
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Name that tune: this morning, the guest preacher played a video about Myanmar. He was from OMF International. I remember too little of the song in the background to do a fruitful search: something something 'what does it mean to live this life' and something about a shore, maybe. Sung by a man, sparse instrumentation. Can you help me?

I know video = YouTube search, but I'm on an iOS6 YouTube-less iPad and the mobile site doesn't work on school wifi.

To my mind the demographics of 'listens to contemporary Christian music' and 'may have seen this video' and 'people on Metafilter' overlap to a very small extent, but hey, you're my best hope.
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Try Vimeo-the uk OMF site has a lot of videos listed. I am headed to church and don't have time to go through them-hopefully Ipad supports Vimeo?
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Sigh, my school seems to be blocking Vimeo too - will try and find a way around that this week, I guess. Thanks anyway. (:
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Oops, and when I say school, I mean boarding school. But not really. It's complicated, but suffice to say I can go looking for free wifi outside if I please, but otherwise it's just more convenient to stay in.
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You can download the YouTube iPhone app to your iPad. It's not pretty, but it works.
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Utterly random guess, and it doesn't have the line "what does it mean to live this life" verbatim, but CCM, meaning of life, shore imagery, male vocalist and sparse instrumentation makes me think of Switchfoot's Vice Verses. Maybe?
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Is there a reason why you can't just contact the guest preacher and ask him? The song title might be included in the credits of the video. Or if nothing else, you can find out the name of the company who produced the video, and you can email them and ask.

Anyway, I suspect there is a direct solution to this that would be more effective than polling the crowd.
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... Right. I'm sorry, it was a pretty bad use of a question. Thanks guys, especially hermitosis. I actually didn't think of that.
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Some of these types of videos are made in-house these days. My church has the capability, for example. So that might actually be the right direction to take.
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