Reapplying to a job you're still underqualified for?
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I applied for a job requiring 18 months' experience and was rejected (at that point, I had 9 months' experience). I fitted all other criteria. The same job has popped up again, and I now have 15 months' experience. I still fit all other criteria (the requirements for both positions are exactly the same) Should I reapply?
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If you like, but keep in mind that the requirements neither guarantee that you'll get hired for meeting them, not that you won't get hired if you don't. If you had 18 months experience but someone else had 5 years experience, they may get hired over you. Similarly, if with 15 months experience, you are the most qualified candidate, you may get hired because the company can't afford to leave the position vacant.

So sure, apply, you have nothing to lose, but be willing to be rejected again.
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of course you should!
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What do you have to lose by applying again?
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Well, the worst thing they can do is not give you the job. Go for it.

If you're worried about their opinion of you, remember that most companies value persistance and tenacity. Write a kick-ass cover letter and show them how dedicated you can be!
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Keep in mind that experience requirements may not be why you didn't get the job, and more experience may not get it for you or someone else.

When someone with "all the qualifications" doesn't get a job, it is almost always because of "fit" or "culture". ("He doesn't seem to get us" or "I think he'd be a bad team player" or "He seems more suited to a different type of work environment". Or sometimes "I don't like him" or "I like that guy better".)

So, sure. Re-apply. There's not a lot of harm. But if you weren't shortlisted or considered last time, think about what you need to do differently this time. More experience won't the thing that changes their mind.
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