How do I stop my toiletry bottle from leaking?
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I recently bought a travel toiletry kit from Target that included one screw-cap bottle and two push open style bottles. The second kind seem to be leaking, mostly because the part that you push down to dispense shampoo gets pushed down too easily and so it gets nudged by other things in my suitcase. Any suggestions for preventing this in the future?

I thought about tape over the opening, but I worry that the moisture will render it ineffective.

I know they're pretty cheap, but it feels wasteful just to toss them and the kit itself is kind of charming and just the right size.
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You are wasting your time. If you really want a good solution to this problem, get a GoToob.
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If you really want to keep the push-open tops for convenient dispensing on-site, buy two screw-on caps for the in-transit period and bring the push-open tops with you in a plastic baggie.

You could just buy screw-on caps and ditch the push-open things altogether, of course.

(I know of no method that lets you use the danged push-open caps but also truly seal the container shut whenever you want to.)
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Ugh, those bottles are a total waste of time/effort/thought.

In my experience they are always either too sensitive and get pressed open by the slightest twinge in your luggage, or they are too stiff and impossible to get your shampoo out of.

Sorry, this is probably not what you wanted to hear. But I hate that type of dispenser for travel sized toiletries like the fire of a thousand white-hot suns.

(FWIW I have a cheaper sorta chintzy drugstore version of those GoToob things, and it's fine. The key seems to be the flip lids rather than the push lids.)
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You can also glue/epoxy the push buttons so that they are inoperable. And then use them as though they are just normal screw tops.
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I put push tops into plastic bags when I travel
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The changes in air pressure on planes makes it easy for bottles to pop open (it's not always that they get nudged other stuff). I always isolate liquid toiletries in their own ziptop baggie, even if I have a screw top that seems secure.
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I travel a lot for work and I've used those containers before. I put a piece of tape across the entire top, including where you push to open. Use strong tape (I use electrical tape) and it will stay closed.

As girlhacker says, air pressure will cause your containers to open easily. To prevent this, fill them 95% full, squeeze out the excess air, and close them.

Even if they aren't defective, this type of container will break easily. Soap residue builds up in the gap between the pieces of the push top.
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Yeah, I just use normal tape (obviously not the nonstick/safety kind). One piece across the top and down long enough to hit the bottle area, one around the neck sealing the top one down.
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I've put a layer of plastic wrap (now forever known in our household as Satan wrap, thanks to Nanukthedog) and screwed the top over it. Usually helps, though if you travel a lot, you're probably better off getting GoToobs as suggested above. They really work.
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Seconding GoToobs. I've travelled around the world with them and never had a single problem.
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FYI, some liquid products won't work with GoToobs (the silicone is slightly porous). Check compatibility/faq.
(Aveeno lotion?! bummer)
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I found some pretty decent travel dispensers at the Container Store. They cost a bit more than the ones from Target, but like others upthread mention, the ones from Target end up being a waste of money.
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Here's one from MUJI
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I travel with some hair product that would be very problematic if it it leaked and it always does. I double ziploc and appreciate the insurance that provides at a negligible weight cost.
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Yep... I think I bought the same kit as you described. They went on one trip and I threw them out as soon as I got home. I'm all about not wasting stuff but it just wasn't worth it. I do like the idea of permanently gluing the top and just screwing the top off to use the products...
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