Can felolns travel internationally?
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A friend of mine is a felon. He has been convicted twice, but he would like to travel internationally. Does the US government issue passports to felons? Do they even care? Does the type of felony even matter? Is there any hope!!?
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Yes - unless the felony was treason.

Did you even try googling this?
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The US government will let you leave, but another country may not necessarily let you in.
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Seriously though, if you just google felon passport it pops right up in the first hit.
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Canada, for instance, has issues with admitting felons. Might be worth it for your friend to check in advance whether he can get into the places he'd like to visit before going to the bother and expense of getting a passport. (I say this not knowing if it's the rule or exception for countries to refuse to admit felons.)
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