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Is there a lockscreen app which will use the current active screen as the background?

I use a lightweight notepad application (Notes by Yuli) to jot down grocery list, among other things. When I long press on the screen while reading a note, it enters edit mode. I also have set a short time period before the screen dims and locks up to preserve battery.

What I don't like:
I accidentally enter edit mode while i'm looking at grocery items. I also have to reactivate screen again (power button, swipe, passcode sometimes) to look at the rest of my grocery list.

What I hope to have:
A lock screen application which allows me to see the current active screen. Even if the screen blacks out after short time I can just push on power button and see the active screen again, no swiping or passcode. It should probably have an accessible toggle for me to change back to regular lockscreen (ie. when I'm done with shopping).

I won't be using this with just the Notes app, but suggestions for other note taking apps are welcomed as well. App must be lightweight or can be moved to SD as phone doesn't have a lot of space left.
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My technique of choice on an iPhone has been to screenshot the note and then to set the lock screen image to
that screenshot. Takes a minute, but works. Should be just as easy on Android
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