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I'm thinking of starting a food- blog. The idea is to provide practical advice for people without money who want to eat good food made from good produce. I have decades of experience of being a poor foodie, but not much of writing or blogging. Any advice and all referencers will be valuable The blog will be in my own language (not english), at least to begin with.
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Best answer: Budget Bytes is my favorite food blog. Here is her page on veggie recipes:

I like the site because it's well organized (see index to the right), bright and cheerful and the recipes are not intimidating to the average cook (at least I don't think so).

Good luck!
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I was just about to say Budget Bytes too! I get the daily email, something I do for very few blogs.

I also like SquawkFox, who blogs on saving money as a lifestyle, but also has a series of recipes.
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Best answer: I think one thing that would be very helpful in building up readership is to have a regular posting schedule, and make it clear what that is. If people check back on a regular basis and find no new content, they are likely to drift away again.
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In case you're proficient in coding, I've recently been playing around with Octopress as a blogging platform and it's pretty cool.
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Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger.
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and TypePad.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone - this is very useful. I am thinking of using wordpress, because it seems to have a lot of freedom for me. I can code, but not happily
I'll definitely look to budget bytes for inspiration, it looks really good. The thing is, each country has different conditions, this is why I want to do a local blog. On the other hand, as a teacher, I have students from all cultures, and it may be fun to draw on there knowledge. Again, thanks there is a lot to work on
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