Wildcard e-mail forwarding service?
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Online service for wildcard e-mail address forwarding for a given domain?

I read my e-mail on a single Gmail account (let's call it pbh@gmail.com), but I also have a bunch of domains (say foo.com and bar.com) which forward *@foo.com or *@bar.com to my Gmail account (pbh@gmail.com). What's the easiest way to set this up?

Currently, I use Google Apps accounts for each domain (foo.com, bar.com), but unfortunately Gmail has (recently) started sending some of the messages to Spam before forwarding. Before that, I had a local OpenBSD machine running Qmail under my desk, but that became cumbersome (losing email connectivity whenever I moved, for example). I've thought a little about setting up a Linode or EC2 machine, but I'm worried that being a sysadmin would be time consuming and that those netblocks have seen years of spam abuse at this stage. I've also looked at having my domain registrar do it, but they appear to have stopped allowing wildcard addresses (either due to abuse or due to performance issues).

Are there any good wildcard mail forwarding services? Ideally, something I could just point my MX to, fill out a web form, and then forget about with some minimal monthly fee?
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Hmm. So just to clarify, when you say Gmail has started sending some of the messages to Spam before forwarding, do you mean Google Apps Gmail on those domains is doing that? If so, you can make a filter to keep those messages in the Google Apps Gmail inbox.
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Yes, Google Apps Gmail is doing it. This StackOverflow thread (especially the bottom answer) describes the issue:


In theory, it seems like you should be able to just use the "forward to address" functionality in Gmail and not worry about filters at all. But Gmail appears to now send to Spam and not forward things that it determines might be spam. The workaround seems to be instead creating a weird filter where you forward anything that "doesn't have" some extremely rare string (e.g., "fwjiowejiowef"). However, AFAIK that solution isn't blessed by Google (though it seems to vaguely work) and doesn't seem like a great long term solution.

(That said, I'd also be happy if I better understood what Gmail was doing such that I could get 100% of my forwarded mail without having to login to n Gmail accounts and check their spam folders.)
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Does your registrar not already provide that service for you? I had the impression most do - For example, GoDaddy lets you set up a catch-all account with forwarding.

As for GMail, you can't "disable" the spam filter, but you can get around it by setting a filter to not move your spam to the spam folder.
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If the domains are on a host that provides CPanel, you can set up the *@domain.com forwarding through the email section of each domain's control panel.
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